How to prepare your boat to sell it off

The rates in the market have gone down and you’re drooling over the latest models of boats that you’ve come across on the internet. The only thing keeping you from purchasing a new boat is your previously owned boat. Sell it off quickly and you’ll have the all cash you need to purchase a new boat.

In order to sell your boat, you need to prepare it first. Here are a few tips that could help you prepare the boat for sale.

Get it fired!

Start the engine and warm it up for a few minutes, at least an hour before a prospect visits to see the boat. A dead battery or even a troubled start can put the buyer off and they can change their minds.

Glam it up!

The outer look of the boat is also important when you want to sell your boat. Apply some spray-on furniture wax on the interiors to make them look neat and tidy. The shine doesn’t last that long, but it’s good to impress a prospect who has called you to visit and see the boat in an hour or so.

Put your stuff away!

It’s always good to show a storage area when it is empty so that the buyer is able to judge it better. It lets them see how spacious the storage area is and helps them analyze how they would be able to utilize that space. So better put all your stuff away before they come in.

Retouch it maybe!

To sell your boat, a professional retouching job could cost you a lot, and buyers would definitely be able to notice it. So just focus on making your boat look presentable by wiping out rust stains from fittings, de-greasing the engine, and cleaning the bilge. If the cabin is musty, ventilate it and place air fresheners.

Replace those old curtains!

If the curtains on your boat are old and clouded by age, replace or remove them.

The overall look is important!

If the bottom side of the boat is painted, it is better to apply a fresh coat. It will make the boat look highly presentable. Also spray painting the areas with worn-off paint will make it easier for you to sell your boat.

Take a ride!

Taking a short ride before your prospect takes it for a spin is better because it will give you a fair idea that whether something needs to be fixed or is the boat good to go.

Have all the documents in place!

Be wise and have all the documents in one place including the title, registration, extended warranty and any other essential documents. It impresses the buyer that you are prepared to sell your boat.

When buying a boat for themselves, buyers tend to take a look at a lot of other things other than the boat itself. Follow these simple yet handy tips to sell you boat and your buyer will definitely be super impressed by you and your boat.