Is there a good and bad time to sell your yacht?

Once you plan to sell your yacht, you start researching all the possibilities that would make it easier for you to make a sale in the shortest time span. Along with all the other factors, one of the major factors is that at what time of the year you would want to sell your yacht. With this in mind, you would want to know what time of the year is good enough for you to be able to sell your yacht with ease and during what time you should not even consider the thought.

Generally, you would think that a good time to sell your yacht is just before and around the beginning of the boating season, when there is a pool of interested and motivated buyers looking to purchase a yacht. As a matter of fact, it is unusual that you will get as much price offering for your boat in an off-season sale, as during the season.

Statistics have confirmed the best season to sell your yacht is during the first half of the year, between the months of February and June. This is because mostly in between February and April, there is a large number of yacht owners, getting ready to pull their yachts out of storage and getting them all set to use them for the boating season. At the same time, there are numerous boat buyers that are on the look out to purchase a vessel to use for the spring and summer season. This creates a perfect condition for sellers as the demand for yachts is higher and the supply is low. There would be loads of buyers looking for vessels, and on the other hand, there would be a lot of yacht owners, who might just not want to put their boats on the market for sale as they would want to use the boat for themselves during spring and summer boating season. The closer the season gets, buyers feel more pressurized to purchase a boat, when they have less to choose from. Therefore, putting your yacht for sale in the market during this time will definitely help you sell your yacht much quicker to maximize enjoyment for the boating season.

Is there a bad time to sell your yacht you ask? There definitely is a less ideal time to sell your yacht. The months of July through November are marked as the off season for boating with July being the worst month for selling your yacht. In simple words, summers are over, and people are not willing to spend their valued money on a luxury motor yacht that they would not be able to use until a few months later.

So you should always make a mind note of the fact that if this is the year when you want to sell your yacht and purchase a new one, sell it during the boating season to get a good price and purchase the one you want during the off season for a good deal.