Out with the Old, In with the new Boat

For most of us boaters, getting a new boat requires to sell your current boat. And we encourage all boaters around us to do so. After years of owning a boat, no matter how good it is, the urge of wanting a new one arises soon enough. Fear not, as it happens to the best of us.
At this point, we suggest you to search and get hooked to your next boat mentally as it will play a great role in motivating you while you try to sell your current boat.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Might seem like a bit of an over statement, but it implies and fits perfectly here. Considering how differently you feel about the boat you’re selling vs. how it felt when you were buying it. You just got to believe that there’s someone out there who’d fall in love with the boat, just like you did. When you’re about to sell your old boat, making it look and feel as beautiful as it first was when you bought it, is a tough task. Once you get the cleaning and de-cluttering out of the way, finding a prospective buyer for your boat becomes a lot easier.

De-cluttering & Cleaning

The first thing a buyer is going to judge while examining your boat is, how well you’ve maintained it. In most cases, buying a boat is completely an emotional and personal decision. With that said, I can’t stress enough how important it is for your boat to look extremely clean, heavenly and desirable in order to sell it to the right owner at the right price. Along with thoroughly cleaning the boat, it is also suggested to de-personalize and de-cluttering your boat. Removing all unwanted belongings from the main area to the smallest storage room thoroughly, will make the boat seem more spacey than usual.

Documentation & Presentation

Keeping all the paperwork and maintenance receipts on the table, available for complete inspection is an exquisite gesture ensuring honesty and gaining the buyer’s trust. The transparency of this process reflects directly on your authenticity and impacts heavily on how your buyer views you. Another interesting and useful area to focus on is the presentation. High resolution pamphlets, stating all the features of the boat, present on the table tops and videos playing of the same boat sailing in the ocean will definitely make a great impact in being remembered by a potential buyer.

The Exciting Part

Upon talking to and finding some leads of buyers, all you’d be left with are a bunch of great offers, pick the best one!
If you’ve already spotted your next boat, then that is simply impressive. If not, then your journey of finding yourself a new boat begins…