Preparing your boat for Sale

How important it is to prepare your boat for sale? Just like anything else that is put up for sale, from an antique artifact to a house or even your old used boat or yacht, need to attract buyers at the very first sight. The first impression is critical for you to achieve your desired price. Needless to say, a well maintained boat in its best possible condition, inside out, will definitely appeal more to your potential buyers, resulting in a fair and fast sale.

In this article we’ll go through some important errands and interesting tips that are sure to make your boat a lot more valuable, when you put it out on the market.

Mechanical Issues & Fixes

In order to sell your boat at a desired price, you must be willing to go the extra mile in repairing all the functionalities that might’ve stopped working efficiently. Starting from general maintenance to less significant system, be sure to survey and run all systems before heading on to the next process. Once you have the mechanical, electrical and navigational systems up and running perfectly, move on to getting all the navigation lights, cabin lights, water taps and window latches fixed. Be mindful around the engine room to check for any oil, water or fuel leaks. With all these major repairs out of the way, we’re only left with making the boat look more appealing.

De-Personalizing & Cleaning

You want to give your buyer an idea of how he’d personalize the boat for himself, if he is to buy the boat. This can work out quite well if you sort all your personal belongings, equipment and products during the cleaning process of your boat. Additionally, Have the exterior of the boat thoroughly washed, waxed and throw out all unused lines and deck equipment. The cleanliness of the boat cannot be stressed enough, a messy and untidy boat is bound to throw off your potential buyer and will have them looking for better, cleaner options.


Along with all the documents required for the ownership of the boat, a couple of other paperwork, receipts and records, will help your buyer understand how you’ve taken care of the boat over the years. You must’ve sent your boat for certain repairs and fixes, keeping the receipts and all maintenance records is super important as it’s always a great idea to let your prospective buyers know about all the money and work you’ve put in to maintain this boat. The transparency of this information is sure to gain confidence and trust of the prospective buyer.

Final Steps

With all the technical and major repairs done and out of the way, we’re left with a nice and clean, fully functional boat. Making room and sparing time for the final details will give your boat an edge when compared to other boats. Before staging your boat for all to see, it’s essential to set a tone and the right environment in your boat. Turning on the A/C, lights and welcoming prospective buyers with euphoric and calming music is exactly the kind of details that will help make the best first impression. Marketing material prepared and placed on your boat with high res pictures, specification and description will make the buying process much more exciting for the buyer. An exquisite and appealing video of the same boat/yacht cruising down the ocean waves playing in on any or all TV and screens on the boat would be a Cherry on top for this experience.