Sell your yacht like a pro: A seller’s guide


When planning to sell a yacht, there are a couple of things that one needs to consider in order to make the selling process super smooth and easy. Here are 10 guidelines that you can follow and become a pro at selling your yacht.

1. Hire a professional yacht broker

When you want to sell a yacht, familiarity is an important factor, which comes in when you mostly interact people who are selling or buying yachts. Hire a professional broker so that he is able to handle the sale better.

2. Accurately price the yacht

When selling your yacht, if you put a price too high, it will not sell and as a matter of fact it sits there for a while, it will get difficult for you to sell it. Your professional yacht broker should be able to provide you with a reasonable price that your yacht could easily sell off at.

3. List your yacht with on a website

If you want to sell a yacht without going through pains and efforts, list it on a brokerage website. This will help the potential buyers get in touch with you instantly when they are interested in buying it.

4. Locate your yacht at an easily accessible place

Location plays a major role in how fast you are able to sell a yacht. Place your yacht at a location that can be easily accessed by potential buyers so that they do not have to give a second thought to visit and take a survey of the yacht. Also leave a set of your yacht’s keys with the broker so that he can take buyers on a survey.

5. Photograph and video your yacht properly

Clicking good photographs and making a video walk-through can be of great help because you can instantly send pictures and videos of the yacht to interested buyers.

6. Discuss the yacht’s damage history, if any, with your broker and interested buyers

Being honest saves you the time to recall the last lie that you must have told. If your yacht has had a damage that was fixed, tell it to the broker and potential buyers clearly so that you don’t have to bear with consequences that you could come across in future.

7. Clean your yacht properly

Get your yacht waxed, buffed, detailed, and clean it at least once a week until it sells. Showing a spotless yacht to the buyer makes sure that the buyer gains more interest in buying it.

8. Negotiate with an open mind once you get an offer

When selling your yacht, you might get a bit too personal over it. Make sure that you keep a very soft tone with the buyer when negotiating over the price, so that nothing goes wrong.

9. Prepare for the survey properly

Run a thorough internal and external check on your yacht and make sure that everything is in mint condition before presenting your yacht for a survey.

10. Make the process easy and pleasant for yourself and the new owner of your yacht

Once the sale is done, make sure that the handover is smooth and easy so that neither you nor the buyer has to go through any pains.

We promise that selling your boat will become as easy as anything, if you follow these guidelines and sell your yacht accordingly.