Selling Your Boat Online


Boats that sit on the marketplace for more than 6 months are bound to get dirty, start to deteriorate mechanically and costing the owners a fortune and most importantly becoming stagnant. Boats that are on the market more than 60 days, eventually sell for less, resulting in a major loss. With that said, everyone selling a boat or who has sold a boat before knows how important it is to sell a boat as quickly as possible.


Utilizing Technology to the Max

Internet has probably been the most evolving innovation since 2 decades now, with literally each and everything being provided and found on the internet, everyone is bound to go online in search for the best of what they’re looking for. This is no different for us who dabble in buying and selling boats. With a vast and growing online boat selling market, we are sure to find whatever it is that we’re looking for or even better version of it that we never knew of. From Fort Lauderdale Yacht Brokers, Miami Yacht Brokers, Palm Beach Yacht Brokers to the Sea Ray Yacht Brokers, use the internet to their maximum advantage.


Professional Approach Towards Marketing

The foremost step to sell any product is to make it look appealing, and that doesn’t do well with messy or dirty products. This suggests, the first necessary move would definitely involve the thorough cleaning and tidying of the boat, followed by making sure it’s fully functional, by repairing all damages for fair play. Honesty is the key. Buyers who are looking to buy a used boat, might be well aware that certain parts or functionalities may be compromised as they aren’t buying a brand new boat.

Getting it Out There

Once your boat in a decent condition, good enough to impress buyers. You may dabble with your photography skills a bit and try to capture a good photograph and/or videos of your refurbished boat. This is a crucial part of selling your boat online, as it is the first impression of your boat and has to be the best. Photography isn’t nearly as easy as it may seem, the slightest angle or play of light could make your boat look extremely desirable to absolute revolting.





Best Platform to Advertise Your Boat

Although the most commonly used and famous social media might seem like a good idea to advertise your offer, you’re likely to end up with a lot of likes and comments by your friends and family on the photos/videos of your boat, as it will only be visible on the newsfeed of the people in your follow/friend list. There are however relevant groups that you could join and share the photos/videos of the boat there to fetch for interested buyers. It is much more sensible and beneficial to place your ad to a dedicated boat selling platform. This would send all the potential buyers your way.


With the ending note to this blog, I’m attaching a few links below where you can sell your boat online, so you can get started right away!