Top Three Tips to Sell Your Boat or Yacht Quick

Selling your boat or yacht can turn out to be a tricky task and needs to be sold quickly once you’ve made up your mind. A stalled, stationed boat, whether at a dock or a driveway, is destined to collect its fair share amount of dust and rust which would eventually cost you frequent and expensive repairs and maintenance charges, especially during this crucial time when you’re constantly visited by potential buyers and are trying to make your boat look as fascinating as possible in order to sell it at the best price.

Let’s take a cruise around to check out the top six points you need to pay special attention to when you’re planning to sell your boat or yacht.

Preparing a Boat for Sale

The amount of efforts you put in to repairing, restoring and refurnishing your boat can have massive impact on all potential buyer. Someone selling a boat should always be aware that buying a boat is almost always a luxury rather than a necessity, which basically also suggests the idea that in order to confirm and lock down your buyer, the buyer is supposed to fall in love with your boat, instantly.

Unless you’re just wanting to sell it at a very less price, make sure you have collected and Have all title, registration, extended warranty and, if available, service records on hand in a binder. It’s impressive, even if the buyer seems to not care about it at the time of the visit. It definitely makes the buyer feel more secure about the transaction knowing the paperwork would be taken care of easily and effortlessly.

Marketing Strategy

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Andrew Grant.

Smart and heavy advertisement should be the first priority. Placing ads all over social media, local boating press, daily newspaper and, if it’s a large boat or one of limited availability that buyers will likely travel out of state to see, target ads in the pricier regional and national venues. Since picture ads on the street billboards draw much more traffic, if it is a possibility, renting space at some highway where thousands of passers-by can see it, can surely drive a lot of potential buyers your way.

Social media marketing is another valuable asset to be utilized carefully and attentively to achieve maximum results and prospects. Over a thousand of people search Google every day to find the boats of their dream. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fancy way of saying “having your ads make it to the initial pages on search engines”. Writing captivating SEO friendly words according to the searches your buyers are most likely to type in, could sound quite confusing and overwhelming to someone who isn’t familiar with it, but just a little effort into this could bring in a lot of buyers, instantly. So when any one types in relevant keywords they find links to your “boats for sale” your ad would pop up right there on the first page every time.

Know Your Price

It’s almost impossible to settle your deal at your desired price. It’s pretty obvious that the buyers are going to feel that your quoted price has just got to be negotiable and won’t be taken literally rather approximately. This makes it really tough to stick to your word, no matter how fair you’ve set your price.

One of the biggest mistake a person selling his boat or yacht can make is either pricing your boat too high or too low. This mistake is bound to happen and often made by people selling their valuables without doing any market research for it, which isn’t nearly as hard or complex as it may seem. But once taken care of, this knowledge might just save you from under selling your boat ending up in a loss or losing valuable potential buyers by setting the price too high as compared to the regular market rates.