Yacht Brokerage 101
How It Works & Why It’s always a Better Option


Many people have trouble understanding the idea of a broker for selling a yacht. While others have trouble finding a good one, even if they’re willing to give this brokerage idea a shot, due to their lack of exposure in the brokerage market, they have a hard time getting someone they can actually trust to sell a yacht. We are here with a comprehensive guide on how you can sell your yacht through a broker, making it a fifty times more effective and time saving process. Selling a yacht or actually selling anything requires a certain level of trust building which can only be achieved through a degree of expertise in communication skills. Brokers are trained in this skill as they have the mindset and skills of a marketer. Not everyone with a yacht is able to sell a yacht, it’s not like it’s a skill that comes with a certain social class or family background. It has nothing to do with skills as a seller. Everyone can use a helping hand in these matters and Horizon Marine Center aims to provide brokerage services to our clients in need of a Palm Beach Yacht Broker or anywhere in the surrounding areas.

Here are a few tips you should follow when working with a broker to sell a yacht and how you can speed up the process with help of a Palm Beach Yacht Broker:

Meet the Broker in Person

Even though it’s all digital now and you have the benefit of operating from the comfort of your space but we strongly suggest to set up a meeting in person with your broker. This reduces any misunderstandings on both ends and also puts a face to the voice you’ve been dealing with on phone or through emails. Sometimes you have busy schedules and can’t make time to actually meet up or some people just like to hand over all the details digitally while they’re out of city. No matter the reason, try your best to set up a meeting in person. This gives you great insights on the person you’re dealing with and whether they’re trustworthy and professional enough for the job or not.

Planning a Selling Strategy

Once the details are delivered and the basic formalities are out of the way, a skilled Palm Beach Yacht Broker would start off with a planned and estimated strategy that is mutually agreed upon by both of you. Planning a strategy to sell a yacht includes marketing tactics on local level, selecting location for your ideal market, setting up a reasonable price that is also profiting to you and other such selling elements crucial while making a deal. Marketing can be done in traditional print media ways by advertising in local yellow papers, newspapers and distributing flyers to potential prospects and also modern marketing tools like online marketing. As far as the location is concerned, if you’re in Florida this gives you an advantage as this is a lucrative market to sell a yacht.