You thought real estate was a slow sell? Try selling a boat!


Know what is more difficult than having a shiny boat for sale in a saturated market? The answer is, having two such boats for sale on the market.

In times of boom, boat lovers would be glad to order a new dream boat and use their old one for the time span that the manufacturer would need in order to complete the new boat. Then, they would immediately sell their boat to impatient new tycoons and billionaires willing to purchase it for their requisite status symbols.

But that is not the case anymore, as gone are the days when an opportunist could easily put up boats for sale on the market and get a quick sale. People have become more knowledgeable and cautious about the market trends and take their time to purchase boats.

In today’s time, it is more of a buyer’s market, where everything from a 100-foot yacht to a super yacht sells, but with time and efforts. A smart individual, be it a millionaire or a boat enthusiast, literally plans way ahead of time that which boat they would want to purchase, from where should they purchase it, and when should they make the purchase.

The boat trading industry has picked up a bit in the past few months, although most of the buyers remain on the sidelines. According to research the inquiry level is picking up and there is greater activity in the used-boat market. But as a matter of fact, there is still a lot of inventory which is one reason that people are keeping their hands in their pockets and are not willing to take huge amounts out of it.

In the past couple of years, the process for selling and purchasing of boats has gotten slower because of the fact that people have started exploring the market and have gained the understanding of how the market functions. Due to the saturation of boats in the market, people now have loads of options to select from and they take their time deciding which boat best fits their needs. It is also seen that once you plan on selling your boat, hundreds of brokers would start contacting you and would offer to sell your boat for a higher price just to get commission out of the sale. But only a few brokers are actually capable of doing so because of their negotiation skills.

In this era, you would need to make a lot of efforts if you want to sell your boat for a fair price. Listing your boat on a brokerage website, hiring a good broker and preparing your boat for sale are the three major steps that you need to follow if you want to make a good deal in terms of money.

Modern times call for modern measures. It is not easy to sell a boat as it is to sell a car because nobody is willing to put thousands of dollars on stake before analyzing the pros and cons of the product they are purchasing.